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Boudha – Panorama

Boudha - Panorama

461. Boudha – Panorama
Photo By: Ravi Sharma
Posted Date: 10th September 2010
Location: Boudha

“Morning shows the Day” but these days with dawn smiling sun, its hard to predict that the day is gonna be the a wonderful day. This Sunday, we were on hike to Nagarkot and the crews were equipped with all the stuff needed to be safe from a Rainy day. We took a long route to hike from Bajrabarahi to Nagarkot. On the way, we stop for breakfast at Boudhanath Stupa. Morning showed a really beautiful day with nice and artistic sky above and the beam made the stupa shine even brighter. I hurriedly took my cam to capture the artistic beauty of nature, this is just an attempt to freeze the moment.