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All We Seek Is Vanity

dreams that break
hearts that shake
eyes that meet, and
roll over the other way;
things that happen
happen anyway.
is there anything left
for me to say?If i wash my face,
for you to spit upon
if i love her like i should,
just to see her gone.
if i learn “everything”
only to lose my mind
if i encage my soul
and free mankind;
there is nowhere else
for us to be
there is nothing left
there is to see.Love is love,
not for me – nay!
pain is pain,
feeding my soul today
dark is the place,
hiding my ugly face
Life is life
i have nothing more to say…

Like an uprooted tree-
praying for rain
like a paralyzed child-
begging for pain.
like a blinded eagle-
crying to see,
i look into your eyes,
but i can’t see me.
i watch myself,
and i can’t see me

The door that closed,
will never let us in.

the road that ended,
will never begin.

its a matter of time,
we all take our turns

And the rage inside us,
will forever burn.

in the end,
we all agree –
all we seek is vanity!