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Dovan Rai


Aboriginal Awakening

A designer inside me that would creep out as careless doodles, crafty cards, and amateur projects got chance to get professional only after a sweet co-incidence.

It is not ironical but obvious that today when the world is getting inside the storm of design, here design is still not a serious career option in schools.

Today, internet is a common arena and everybody competes with everybody.
This is a great chance and an equal challenge.

Aspired to be a good designer, I had however my own insecurities against Western designers who grew up watching disney cartoons and sci-fi movies and live inside the glitterati of hollywood movies and fashion.
And me, a middle class girl of a developing country, had to settle in grey books instead of colorful illustrated ones.
Buying beauty was an expensive luxury.
Childhood is the prime period when our imaginative and artistic instincts get shaped.
So, I was in a way worried -if i have missed something.

Then, I discovered aboriginal art.
You can see-they are so beautiful, colorful, harmonious, vibrant, and look so trendy.
But they are the creation of the people who live a wild life, half naked, inside grey bush.
I believe their forms can inspire any post modern artist and a paris designer may imitate their colors.
Aboriginal people, however unaware of the so-called modern civilization and commercialism, capture the beauty of raw nature. They tap the color from the soil, leaves, lizards, birds and snake.

Nature is the greatest inspiration after all.
I, living in such a beautiful land and rich culture , then awoke with newer inspiration to imagine and greater confidence to contribute.