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 Ashish Adhikari

Moorhead USA,

Why did the 9/11 occur? Why do fights occur? What is the reason behind fallouts? The unanimous answer to all these questions is Anger. This is the very thing that creates misunderstandings between people. In this article, I would like to explain my viewpoints of anger and how it has affected me.


Like most people, I do get angry. Sometimes resulting in a lot of physical and physiological damage to or from my family. Some unknown person or say stranger or myself. I do not like getting angry but it is a human process especially with teenagers and mood swings from incidents like, leaving old friends behind its natural for me to swing. My main reason for getting angry is probably misunderstandings. My mood swings usually go in a sketchy cycle too.


After getting angry however I often want to repent but my mind does not let me. It wants its status and not believes in the whole ‘being the better guy’ thing by saying sorry first. I usually feel sorry for the person I got angry with or maybe even other things. I do end up saying sorry if they do not but this takes longer than a week. This is not the end of my so-called ‘cycle of anger’. I also think of things like ‘ if I had said or did not say this would have happened’ kind of things to. I usually blame myself for the argument, I get angry with myself, and then someone triggers me off so off I go again through my angry cycle.


By now you probably think of me as a mad, crazy, and power-hungry psycho in need for mental surgery and treatment but I am not in need of that at all. I am usually flourishing and happy but I am probably the leaving of friends is putting me down well anyway that was my anger and me. Thank you for reading my article.