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Hitesh Karki


A Dreamer’s Story

I dreamed a dream that tickled pink,
Exactly in the manner how you think.
Where we longed for nothing and were satisfied,
Without caring what world thinks outside.
Many a year has passed and gone,
You know and I know nothings’ been lost and everythings’ won.
Traversed many paths my friend, soon – very soon we will have the moment again.
That very moment where dream tickled pink!

The tickle’s there and colors’ changing.
Pink’s gone into new canvass of white,
Splashing the moments we’ve waited ceaselessly with no respite;
The color will probably change again, probably now to velvet,
Dream only grows big, not big a river but many many a rivulet.
Like a kaleidoscope, I let my dreams glow.
I let them flow.

Thought I smiled in my dream, surely must be a moment of bliss,
Can’t tell for sure if it was a mere hug, a loving smile or a even a gentle kiss;
It happened way so fast that I cannot remember,
All I recall is dream passed me by as if it was some sudden stranger;
I don’t think I even cared much of its color, all that recall is it felt much warmer.
This time the dream that had more of a feel to it- feeling of warmth.

It is the warmth and so will it always remain,
Flowing through the hills of our emotions – and the plain.
I know that I was only dreaming a dream,
Nonetheless, it was so tender, sublime, surreal – nothing extreme.
I assure us, we will never feel the cold – for you know I am a dreamer,
And there are many a ‘tickling pink’ dreams we have dreamt together.
The color, the warmth will continue to remain and so will the vigor.

The thought ran through in my dream,
Heard it whisper in my ears ‘If its got to be –it’s up to me.’
Some do it with vigor, some with element of ease;
I can’t help people not think whether it’s being ‘cool’ or a mere ‘fool’,
Let think the world what the way it chooses to,
We will have it our own way – the way we choose to.
Do something that’s far from mundane – something anew.
To a dreamer in you, for a dreamer in me.

Now the dreams collide,
The assuring comfort of ‘belief’ leaving us with nothing to hide.
Our dreams could be easily interpreted as a sorry story of reality-something incomplete,
It’s the same dreams we dream of begs us to be upbeat.
It’s got to be and it’s up to us, To make our lives not just a work of art but something opus.
Years passed by in a whisker,
May you always remain the way you are and I an eternal dreamer.

The dream was simple.
I stood in the dimly lit aisle waiting for the wind to pass me by,
To bring on that sweet smell – along with it a brightness of a firefly.
I whisper to my nervous self – ‘Hold on, be strong, it’s so surreal’,
It promptly answers me back ‘..everything’s natural, for real.’
I guess even if in a dream– it’s okay to be on a high.

I am on a high – a dream rampage,
A constant reminder of something to look forward to with a deep gaze.
I guess someone must have told me on at least a occasion – ‘follow you dreams’,
Looks like it’s the dreams that are doing the following.
Life’s never been beautiful so I say to me,
Realities are for real and not just likely.
Don’t care whether its ‘Nothingness ‘or ‘Being’,
I want to be dreaming.

The sky’s clear and the rugged moon’s smiling,
Probably saying to me ‘Hey,me too dreaming’.
Fireflies, probably the same ones, are all abuzz lightening up the moonlit sky,
Everything’s so fluid nothing’s austere, nothing’s dry.
I feel like a soldier on a battlefield bringing everybody down within sight-and beyond,
But not even a giant shark caged in a fishpond.
The dreams are callin, I know they are following – I got to respond.

I better get dreaming.