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बि.पी. संग्रहालय

I’d been reading BP’s “जेल जर्नल” and GaneshMan’s autobiography (sorry, I do not even remember the title right now) when we started hearing about “BP संग्रहालय” being opened for public on the media. I was more interested to see what the authors saw and not really interested in the museum itself, but my Dad dragged me along to see a part of the origins of these creations. It was his idea that I read these books in the first place. I had taken up on his suggestion realizing how little I knew about Nepal and our history in general and in the hope that it would help me with my Nepali. These are only few of many books my Dad exposed me to since I returned back to Nepal that I am bringing up here in context. So, I took Dina didi’s camera (which she has been very kind to lend it to me while she is out there in the US) along with me, loaded it with a black & white roll, and went along with Mom and Dad to see this place that seemed to get a fair amount of public notice at the time. So here we are. This is what I saw.