Yarmasing Fort Hiking

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The hill of the Yarmasing is challenging with a rigid and straight rocky stairs. The hill will take you to a historic fort. The fort reminds of history and brave ancestors of Nepal and has a significant place in the history.It was built during Nepal-Tibet war more than 160 years ago. It is a national treasure of Nepal.

Yarmasing, a place full of unforgettable views and delicious organic cultural cuisine. And the glimpse of Khasa Bazaar, Bhotekoshi dam and snow capped mountains can be viewed from the top. An expedition of thrill and pleasure is the two words that you will remember on the way back from Yarmasing hike.

Yarmasing Fort Pictures:

Yarmasing Fort Facts:

Coordinates27.915736, 85.918123
Access108 km from Kathmandu

Yarmasing Fort Map:

Yarmasing Fort Hiking

Hike TitleDestination Date
Hiking from 108 Kilo to Yarmasing Fort25/11/2012
Hiking from 108 Kilo to Yarmasing Fort27/02/2011
Hiking from 108 Kilo to Yarmasing Fort27/07/2008
Hiking from Larcha to Yarmasing Fort28/01/2007
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