wHeN VoIcEs gEt DuMbEd.

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In a normal days how many words do u get to speak?
Is it enough or R there many more to be expressed?

But what if ur voice get dumbed? what if the words are lost and u r there alone shouting,screaming,crying for ur words?

This is what this world is now upto.
you r not able to speak, coz u r dumbed. U have been dumbed. and U will be forever.

You r neither able to express nor U let others to speak. You r the one who who had spoiled this world,this universe. You r the single soul who have alienated this world. Coz others made you so.
You r just a piece and nothing more. You r a doll, just a doll. If someone makes u dance, then with thier tunes u wil dance, u will sing.

You will just show ur fake smile, yap a real cheapest fake smile.You know who u r. but you wouldn’t accept the other being as you, coz u r possesive.

A possesive in the sense u r not what u pretend to be. You smile, you talk, you dance but with all ur fakeness. That fakeness which will be washed by just a simple blow of winds.

You try to trap every single soul knowing even that they don’t prefer you. but as the leech does, you stick upon them. You brainwashed them making them believe that u r only person who understands thier feelings.

After U had finished ur desire then, you throw them as they had never expected so to be.

You r the real culprit. So get the hell out of here. Get out.

Thats all…



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  1. Nisha

    I found your article interesting. But it seems that you have been betrayed much badly. I can understand ur feelings. Nicely potrayed.

  2. thegreenyogi

    whenvoicesgetdumbed (yaar! merai title rakhera malai nai sanka garne?) ji,

    this is 99.9% my creation. (0.1% my rival contrinution)
    You might have seen it in hi5 or wordpress or instablogs.
    it does exist in all of them.

    nyway! thx for appreciation.

  3. Whenvoicesgetdumbed.

    thegreenyogi ji, nadhatikana bhanush ta yo article tapai le nai lekheko ho bhanera. Kata kata dekhya jasto lagyo. Kunai jawab?

    Overall its good.

    Hi5 ma kasaiko journal ma dekhya jasto lagyo.

  4. thegreenyogi Post author


    1.Yestai Ho ji,
    ma maafi magchhu yi mitra haru ka tarfa bata…
    sincere appologize wanted.

    by the way… Ho! is this ur real surname??? kinda confused :roll: ????

    2.neutral ji,
    aaba neutral manchhe lai ta kehi bhannu jaroori nai chhaina…
    THX for appreciation. :smile:

  5. thegreenyogi Post author


    la bro bhayihalchha ni… aaba chadai blogging chadera utai pashupati ma bhetaula. chilima matra haina dherai kura tannu parchha.

    2.anti-yestai-ho :
    ani bro, kaha arulai discriminate gareko yar. tyesto “PAKHE” sabda nikalnu hunna yesto blogging ma. no no no no.

    3.another Anti Yestai ho : bro! tapai pani yaar. yesto garnu hunna…. nepal ma shanti lyaunuparchha, jhagada haina.

  6. neutral

    thegreenyogi ji,
    watz up? aritcle is imperished in standard way. keep it up.

    and brothers, why fighting with the silly cause. lets make a peace in nepal. lets make new nepal.

  7. Yestai Ho

    Hello “anti” people – go get shower. do not give me a name like “pakhe.” how do you know that I am a pakhe. If you think so, I am proud to be one of you becuase Nepal is full of “pakhas.” And I agree that I do not know English as well as you do. Thank you for the “name” calling.

    “Ho” is my last name and I am not disclosing my first name. If you can, please do guess.

  8. anti-yestai-ho

    to–> yestai ho,
    aba pakhe harule angreji padhera pani bujcha. aba you ko ho re? tera baje, tai ho ni you.
    bekuf, ja school gayera padhera bas.

    thegreenyogi, mane the-hariyo-yogi. kaliyug ko jamana ma budha kina blogging. jau budha kaliyug le bhanya jastai chilim banau. ma pani aauchu ganja tana.

  9. kaliyug

    yogi manche ganja tanna nagayikana blogging! jau budha pashupati ma ganja tanna. chilim banayera basa, ma ekchn ma auchu.

  10. THEgreenYOGI

    Prashant ji! on top of comment list,

    Sorry! didn’t notice u…

    Well! Philosopher will be little high word for me.

    The real philosopher will kill me if they got to know i have been nominated as philosopher.
    I’m just a simple man.

    nyway thx to all guys for appreciation.


  11. THEgreenYOGI

    Kafle ji,

    thanx for the all virtually-rich words. Well! there’s nothing like SADHANA, TAPASYA and …..
    and i have never got interested on those things… except baba ji’s chilim and prasad. As u say We are all living in virtual world, so, no question of attending such things.


    P.S. sorry! dude… no dilip suwal found on database… Must be distanced-far-lost relatives. I’ll inquire and let u know soon.

  12. THEgreenYOGI

    Dead YESTAI HO!,

    Well! “YOU” can be refer to all the idiots like us. who has been supressed, depressed by the time,money,gurlfren,boyfren… and so on…
    in this context, the word “YOU” can be referred to any homo-sapient existed in this world.

    Read it once again… u might get some clue…

    Thanks and regards,

  13. Lava Kafle

    Perfect and holy “The Green Yogi”, please answer “Yestai Ho” enquiry and I see that you made honorable and impressive impression exhibiting such a reality in “http://www.everestuncensored.org/3526/2008/12/19/virtualization-a-hardcoded-reality-but-less-practised-in-nepal” that A follower tells that your comments must be written else where.
    Your Insight, hindsight, vision, and foretelling, are all exclusive means for attaining world riches. You got many followers due to your Sadhana, Tapasya, Dhyan, Karma (Duty) and got boon from the divine philosophy and from Extra- Galactic Soul.

    Are you by any chance Dilip Suwal’s relative? Let’s Gain reality via Virtualism.

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