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When snow falls on the mountain.

Every night the mountain thinks snow is mine, it will remain with me forever. But those bunds do not last long. As soon as the first ray sun falls, snow melts. And it starts new journey making towards a complete new world.
That is the snow and mountain…. One is steady and one is moving. Although they have spent some time together thinking they will remain together forever but that is not going to happen. No bound in this world can hold them together….. If snow or mountains try to break this …

……rule….only disaster gets invited… To be together mountain has to flow inch by inch and mix up with snow to so that they will stay together….

If we consider mountain and snow as two human beings, we can say that neither of them can be together if there would be difference in attitude, their approach towards life and lacking some thing called trust. That has happened in most of the love story if the two ends behave as mountain and snow whatever the two fellows would think and plan are bound to break.

Some people think they can over come this basic law of nature. Whatever the difference might be between them they are going to fill it up by something called “true love”. Some people are even more smarter who would just try to fool his partner by hiding up emotions inside them , not showing there real face or just crying in front of him/her to build some trust. But these dudes don’t know we all have limited supply of tears which is ultimately going to end. How can we hide our every emotion inside ourselves every time. Even if we succeed in doing that, and our conscious brain would not allow us to do it , but some where inside our brain sub-consciously searching for things that are missing out and ultimately things ends up saying “Perhaps it was right to dissemble our love, But why did you kick me downstairs? “

The search for the fittest match is never ending. Not only in case of life but every where things get old and people try to change. A relational stability can only be achieved if both of the partners have almost same thoughts and feelings towards life. Just hiding up the things will never help in making a true relationship.
For me we can have good relations if we trust each others above all. Involving third person’s thoughts can only work as ingredients but never complete the relationship or make it a perfect match. And yes, if the relationship would not match then it would be like one is as melting as snow and other is as rigid as mountain …….. ………… nothing much to say. According to my friends “We must be open to accept new relationships, something called making “X”, as variable if we are not happy with the present relationship, others wise relationship could end with the first ray of light.