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If you lack spirit to spark shutterbug in you here is BBC announcing various ‘themes’ weekly to tickle your visual sense. Grab your digital camera (dSLR or just point & shoot) and click pictures and upload them in BBC News to share viewers from around the globe. Personally I believe, having ‘themes’ in mind before you go out and press the shutter, is the right approach to improve your photography talent.


For more follow the link:

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  1. Shutterbug

    Dear congrats Shutterbug for representing Nepali in BBC News Says,
    You misunderstood me. I have just shared a link from BBC News Web which I found very interesting. Announcing ‘theme’, is a good idea to encourage people to take photos and help them improve their photography. And I am not representing Nepali in BBC News.

    sick_of_Shutterbug! What makes you say this ‘Shutterbug’ is ‘self promoting’ here in EU? Please make your accusation clear and help me not to make you sick anymore.

    BTW, thanks sick_of_Shutterbug, I get to learn new word: dweeb. But I swear to God, I won’t use it unless I mean it.

    dweeb / Ñ dwi;b; NAmE Ñ / noun(slang, especially NAmE) a person, especially a boy or a man, who does not have good social skills and is not fashionable.

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