Vote for EU Photo of the month – March 2009

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EU Life in Nepal team has nominated following six photographs for “EU Photo of the month, March 2009″.

Lamp Boy at Bauddha
Lamp Boy at Bauddha
Photo By: DreamSky
Hard Road
Hard Road
Photo By: notes-on-vision
Photo By: Prerana Marasini
Prayers of Bhaktapur
Prayers of Bhaktapur
Photo By: Claude Renault
Work for live
Work for live
Photo By: Jyoti Rai
Photo By: Siddhi Lal Kayestha

* ‘Lamp Boy at Bauddha’ by DreamSky has been declared as the final winner by the internal voting within LIN team.

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  1. Wrong Name of Photographer

    LIN Editor — get your story straight, the “Prayers of Bhaktapur” is by Claude Renault, not “notes-in-vision”; how are we supposed to believe you used fair judgement when you can’t even get the name of the photographer right? Shame on you.

  2. LIN Editor

    Once again rare tie in voting here in the history of LIN photo of the month. Indeed it is very surprising. We ‘LIN Team’ would like to congratulate both photographers ‘DreamSky’ and ‘Claude Renault’ for their excellence and creative work. Both pictures deserve a big round of applause.

    Though both pictures have received equal votes from EU Viewers, we need to announce only one picture as the winner for the photo of the month winner so we relied on initial scores made by members of ‘LIN Team’ for selecting top six winner for the photo of the month – March2009. According to that score ‘Lamp Boy at Bauddha’ the picture by DreamSky has won more score. So, we happily announce ‘Lamp Boy at Bauddha’ as the winner of this month – March 2009.

    LIN Editor.

  3. Nipun

    All the pictures are superb.. i mean all 6 of them.. vote garnai garo bhayo… .. voted the one with best description..

  4. Prayer

    Lamp Boy at Bauddha is a wonderful picture. But, “Prayers of Bhaktapur” truly speaks about LIN and also is an example of perfect photography. My thumbs up to “Prayers of Bhaktapur”.

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