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EU Life in Nepal team has nominated following six photographs for “EU Photo of the month, July 2008″.

Photo By: tempoandato
Preparing food for Elephants
Preparing food for Elephants
Photo By: Bertrand Linet
Photo By: Vasker
Fewa Lake Colors
Fewa Lake Colors
Photo By: Araleya
Dawn at Poon Hill
Dawn at Poon Hill
Photo By: Shutterbug
Challenge for a brawl?
Challenge for a brawl?
Photo By: Abishesh Joshi

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  1. SensibleOne

    …and honestly rating.

    #1 Preparing food for Elephants
    #2 Dawn at Poon Hill
    #3 Challenge for a brawl?
    #4 Innocence
    #5 Siblings
    #6 Fewa Lake Colors


    Technically Rating

    #1 Challenge for a brawl?
    #2 Dawn at Poon Hill
    #3 Siblings
    #4 Fewa Lake Colors
    #5 Innocence
    #6 Preparing food for Elephants

  3. Aago

    I agree with Paani – street fight is not sth that happens in Nepal – this is “aalu mula” culture – not Nepali culture. Please stop the non-sense.

  4. BulletBait

    ‘ “challange for a brawl?” – how does this belong to the Life In Nepal category? This one sould not be in the list. ‘

    why do you think this one does not belong to the list??? Does Life in Nepal only represent life in Phewa lake or life in villages or life in Chitwan National park or life in mountains only? Do you only have to show the hardships of people in your pictures???

    “challenge for a brawl?” – The fact that this is a picture of a Nepali kid taken in Nepal itself is a good enough reason for it to be posted in the LIN category.

  5. Sharad Pant

    All photos are normal but sufficient to convey message. For example “Siblings” showing the status of present girl and future mother. Mostly in all pictures ‘Dawn’ is specially observed, it is really a new start for Nepal to move ahead.
    With Best Wishes.

    Sharad Pant
    Program Manager
    Development Alternatives
    Jhansi (INDIA)

  6. Shamesh

    Guys . Though “Challenge for a brawl” pic sound odd. but it’s how street children spill their life. A part of their daily life is depicted here. and sad to say it’s a part of “Life in Nepal”

  7. SensibleOne

    I agree with ‘paani’. Pictures in Life in Nepal should have some positive notion about NEPAL. Picture is perfect but still right caption does plays a vital role to make any picture complete in making its sense, logic. Anyway, Keep it up team.

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