Visit Nepal 2011

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445. Visit Nepal 2011
Photo By: Pranoy Man Pradhan
Posted Date: 14th May 2010
Location: Kathmandu Durbar Square, Basantapur

I sincerely wish “Visit Nepal 2011″ helps our country develop our economy :) . Well, that’s just my wishful thinking ;)

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  1. Traveler

    I am not sure if it will develop our economy, but I do hope it will encourage Nepalese to dream big and have ambitions, which we seriously lack. But anyway, I wish all the best for the success of visit nepal 2011 campaign.

  2. Shutterbug

    This is positive how you tried to showcase Nepali handcraft to promote upcoming ‘Visit Nepal 2011′. And let’s not be pessimist about the success tourism year 2011.

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