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US Dilemma: are Maoists still terrorists

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After the seven Party alliance government and the Maoists signed the historic deal Wednesday, almost all the friendly nations of Nepal including the EU members have welcomed it. The US also said it as a “good first step”. However, the latest developments in Nepal have created a great dilemma for the US. It has ever vociferously stood against the Maoists. It never wanted the Maoists came into the mainstream politics. However, after Wednesday’s deal it seems finding very little things to support its stance.

Needless to say, the Maoists are terrorists in the eye of the US till date. But these developments seem to force the US to review its stance. For now, it has opted wait and see policy. Following the deal, US ambassador to Nepal James F Moriarty said the US may withdraw the ‘terrorist’ tag, if the Maoists really changed their activities.

However, the US difficulty is that it has a very few days left to ‘observe’ the activities. It has become a tough question for the US how long it will be observing their activities. If the same situation pertained, the Maoists will join the interim government by December 1. And what will the US policy towards Nepal be then? Will it accept the government with ‘terrorists’ in Nepal or cut the relationships?

It is high time the US made the prompt decision. For that it may have to overcome the prejudice towards the Communists.

One thought on “US Dilemma: are Maoists still terrorists

  1. US knows that communism is way better than religious fundamentalist who kills millions in the name of Allah. Maoists have lost their communist cause and have compromised. There was no way they could win. Prachanda had a bad dream. The Maoist and the King lost in this war and Nepalese people won. Prachanda wanted to see North Korea kinds of situation in Nepal. I am glad we made him compromise.

    Yestai Ho

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