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Untitled – Why?

I talk less with people but I am not shy,

I have a soft corner, which is hard but not so dry,

I like people with personality but I never pry,

I have feathers of thought but I can’t fly,

I have tears in my eyes but I can’t cry,

I have guts deep within but I can’t try,

Can anyone make me understand Why? Why? Why?

This may be the reason I titled this poem untitled-why?

(To all those who want to know Me & my inner conscience)

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8 thoughts on “Untitled – Why?

  1. I believe everyone of us can relate to your lines as we all possess an imaginative mind that tries to fly across the boundaries imposed by our physical world…

    We all seek answers to all these ‘whys’
    We fail to notice how life passes us by
    All life long, we continue to ponder
    Until the day, to death, we surrender… 🙂

  2. I try try try
    But still can’t make the sky
    always leaves me wonderin why
    is this the way i’ts goin to be till i die?

  3. @ Awsiv:
    Excited with your wonderful, and extremely deep remark in the form of well written snippet, with an exuberant aroma of poesy…Many Thanks!!

    Everyone Thank you!!

  4. hmmm… nice 🙂

    i keep the truth to myself
    and i tell you a lie
    i cover the darkness, put you to sleep
    with a sweet lullaby.. then..

    then i fly
    with my thoughts – high… high above the sky
    when i’m alone, i cry
    if you don’t stop me, i’ll surely try
    if you don’t laugh at me
    i won’t pretend to be shy

    but then…
    when i try to find
    a soul that can understand me
    i can’t!

    i try to give a title
    to my otherwise wasted life
    i can’t



  5. Darkness at the break of noon
    Shadows even the silver spoon
    The handmade blade, the child’s balloon
    Eclipses both the sun and moon
    To understand you know too soon
    There is no sense in trying………

    BOB DYLAN(it’s alright ma)

  6. Just 8 lines, but speaks millions!!
    Good one Mr Sensible 🙂
    I also find myself in between those lines… Seems like everyone can search himself/herself in these 8 lines..Lovely

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