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Unprecedented Challenges in garnering Proper Human Resource for future Software Development in Nepal

Unprecedented Challenges in garnering Proper Human Resource for future Software Development in Nepal is felt when we read the heart-breaking story of neighborhood India which is leading the world in the profession: and I , as a field worker in related Industry could not go unnoticed by this article that invites thoughts from any Nepali citizen capable of thinking future of New Nepal into pondering possibilities laid …

Officially, D2HawkeyeServcies has more than 160 Employees. Other Companies range with Employee Count of 30, or 40, or 50, or at most 60 like that and real data is not made public for those exactly involved in software development only.
There are mushrooming engineering colleges and thousands of software training Institutes , and a grim scenario is all are running fine without seemingly losing profits and all filled with students, learners, and trainees. The Article elaborates an example of InfoSys Investments for training People for their company, and similarly about IBM. The cost is multi-million dollars.
Question for everybody is:
Why it costs so much to get a job done or to make an appropriate hire? I am definitely a dumb player in this area, so, thought bloggers can help.
Why there is so much cost involved for good quality, craftsmanship, technicality, skill sets, and productivity? Is it some new theory that we have to produce? as old Capitalist, Communist, Socialist and any other theories fail to govern the current day economics of software Industry, its market, shares, and profits. Frankly, Bill Gates may know that, he produced a book also for letting others earn money, but eventually, looking at human resource scarcity of India makes our heart shudder with future possibilities and realities to be faced. Please note the fact of IIT there in the article about electricity and hardware problems in India.
Isn’t it time that we start revamping structures/methodologies/training from Kindergarten to Engineering institutions for newer future so quality manpower can be produced for competitive future? Otherwise , as the article says, India has billions of educated brains that think about scores/degrees, but, they are striving hard to find good 200,000 who can produce quality work.
Scarcity hits bad when there is no production of suitable human resources for software and technology related Industries.

9 thoughts on “Unprecedented Challenges in garnering Proper Human Resource for future Software Development in Nepal

  1. Kurye olarak hizmet veren kişiler, bulundukları lokasyondaki her adrese en kısa sürede ulaşma yolunu bilirler. Üstelik verilen bu görevi hava, trafik ve buna benzer diğer olumsuz şartlardan etkilenmeden yerine getirirler. Yani iş hayatı başta olmak üzere hayatın hemen her alanında önemli görevleri üstlenebilir ve başarıyla yerine getirebilirler. Özellikle büyük şehirlerdeki trafik kaosu ve adres konusundaki karmaşa göze alınırsa, kurye hizmetlerinden faydalanmanın bazı durumlarda zorunlu hale geleceği anlaşılabilir. Örneğin İstanbul’un bir noktasından diğer bir noktasına acil şekilde önemli bir evrak ulaştırmak gerektiğinde ya da hastanızın ihtiyacı olan ilacı acil ve güvenli bir şekilde ulaştırmak gerektiğinde, İstanbul moto kurye hizmetimizden faydalanarak sorununuza çözüm üretebilirsiniz.

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  3. o Kanchha(Beloved Smaller One), Is it necessary that email should be given to gals only, but not to guys? The Title has been made long because If you google search with “everest nepal development software” this article appears at top second assuming somebody knows everest nepal and software development only to Google. So, Ranking of page depends on such Texts friend.

  4. केहो लभजी मलाइ त कान्‍छा होइन कान्‍छी जास्‍तो सम्‍झनु भयो कि क्‍याहो? e-mail समेत दिनु भा छ – गजब छ बा। तपाइँको लेखाइ त राम्रो हो तर title नै लामु के।

  5. Kanchha ji, my great destiny, where were you? I was dying for some commentors to make my site pious with some purifying words. I pray to GOD that you always get more and more of these. Nepali saying milk rice in mouth “Mukh maa dudh bhaat jaaoos.” I am adding you in my hotmail account Tapaiko handwriting ni raamro laagyo, nice writng letters. I could not move ahead because I had been running into opposite direction, now, I found , thanks to everestuncensored, and to you for opening my eyes. I am extremely thankful to you. hhhahaa you are tired of Geeta Lover!!!!!!

  6. किन यत्रो टाउको दुखाउनुभाको लभजी?
    कसलाइ के धन्‍दा, कसलाइ के धन्‍दा घर ज्‍वाइलाइ खानैको धन्‍दा भन्‍या जस्‍तो।
    देशमा IT Engineer हरुले काम नपाएर आपत छ, तपाईँचहिँ उल्‍टो कुराको पछि लाग्‍नु भा छ।

    I think Geeta’s answer is kind of superficial too. I am tired of her referring to Geeta every time she has to write something tricky. Get a life Geeta.

  7. That’s why it is written in Geeta that “please do your Karma…” If each of us do our Karma, for example, industrialist focusing on industry, educationist focusing on providing better education, engineers focusing on creation and invention, government focusing on infra-structure development and rules and regulations, everything will come to the right place and there won’t be shortgae of anything. Do not worry, things will be OK.

    Good message though. Thanks Lava.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

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