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Two juvenile

406. Two juvenile
Photo By: Siddhi Lal Kayestha
Posted Date: 24th September 2009

Description :
One early morning, a young visitor at elephant breeding center feeding a six month old baby elephant. The boy was so excited that he didn’t feel any fear with young Elephant and enjoying feed young one. In this center, Elephants are breed and trained.

• New-born elephants are born with an incredible mass of 77-113 kg. But they weight only 4% of an adult female’s weight and only 2% of an adult male’s.
• Newborns may consume 11.4 litres of milk a day
• Young calves commence weaning from the first year of life until the tenth year of life

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4 thoughts on “Two juvenile

  1. Thanks all for the comments. Details on cropping by Shutterbug is much more appreciated. A thought was to show details, small elephant and a small boy with enough courage – compared to one in background 🙂

  2. This is a beautiful shot of harmony and innocence. Siddhi Lal Kayestha has captured the moment very nicely and in time. Picture successfully stir up this feeling of innocence in viewer’s heart.

    Cropping this picture and including only the baby elephant’s head and the boy’s act of feeding could help to put more emphasis on this caring bond between two these two juveniles, which I think is most prominent element of this picture. The other visitors who are standing nearby take away viewer’s attention from this important element of the picture.

    Cropping is a great tool for improving and even enhancing our pictures. So, don’t be afraid to try cropping your picture. I have tried cropping this picture myself and the result is good. Click here to see it.

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