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After a lot of commenting on the post “hiking-around-mystic-peaks”, I thought to post my writing in EU as well. So, here I am with my silly writing…
I got up one morning, and am in a great hurry (as always). Looked for the toothbrush, and the toothpaste tube. The tube is fully squeezed. Arrrg!! “I had this in mind yesterday morning, but forgot to bring a new one when I returned home. I will bring it today”.

But what to do now? No choice, but to squeeze the completely flattened tube, and see some color peeping out. Its some kind of hide and seek game. It pops out, and with an immediate breath it’s in. My thumb is in pain.” It was not that tough yesterday”, I thought. Whatever, with great skill and coordination I moved the toothbrush (which was in my mouth the other way round, as both my hands were busy squeezing), and got some color stick to the bristles. Ahhh… I managed. I got a mouthful of brushing, but can feel slight pain in my thumb while brushing.

This business is not about a day or two. It continues sometimes for a week. And the good part of it is that, you always end up with mouthful of brushing, with gleaming teeth and fresh breath, and overall a packed smile of satisfaction.

What’s the point? Its not that toothpastes are costly (some deviations in the cost may be there, but is affordable, i guess..) but mainly, its carelessness. But again, have u ever noticed that when we are towards the end of something, we tend to work harder to accomplish the task. Yes, when you see a deadline, you try finishing the task. In this case you need to get a good brushing, that too in a hurry, you manage to squeeze the tube from every angle (forget the pain) and get good amount of colors.

I say to this, that we the humans most of the time follow this “TOOTH PASTE TUBE Protocol” (TPT), whenever we reach deadline, and in many instances we manage to be successful with flying colors…hehe..

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