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I would like to share information to all who have interest in photography (and videography as well). I am not a movie critic or a professional photographer. I am just another visitor of EU (this is how EverestUncensored, is represented in short, isn’t it??). Something interesting I noticed here is that, posts that contains pictures (especially in Life In Nepal section), are very closely watched. I always liked reading the viewer’s perception, the photographer’s observations/analysis, and the warm interactions. It is so interesting and exciting to see the involvement. So, I subtly recommend to all (viewers/photographers), who are interested in keeping a close eye towards pictures (still and motion), to watch a TRILOGY.

I just used to click pictures for fun, but after watching this trilogy my perspective of looking into pictures (both still and motion) is getting better (I guess so…). If you are interested to learn about color and lighting, matching with the theme of the story (yes it is interesting as well..), this Trilogy is a must see. From a learning viewpoint, I will suggest you to buy the one which has a narration in English describing the use of colors (the Blue, White, and Red of course) and the lighting. Also would like to recommend single DVD for each, because a single compilation (containing all three) may have reduced quality, which may not be good from a learning perspective.

THREE COLORS TRILOGY: BLUE, WHITE, RED (Trois Couleurs: Bleu,Blanc, Rouge) – three different movies.

Krzysztof Kieslowski’s final film works comprise a brilliant trilogy that explores the virtues behind the colors of the French flag. This Polish director ended his glorious career with a trilogy of intimate dramas exploring the three ideals of the French Revolution, using the three colors of the French flag. In Kieslowski’s interpretation, blue, white, and red represent liberty, equality, and fraternity.

  • In Blue, Juliette Binoche cuts herself off from the rest of the world after the tragic loss of her family.
  • In White, an estranged husband masses a fortune to enact revenge on his ex-wife.
  • In Red, Irene Jacob forms an unusual friendship with a bitter old man.
  • Information about the movie is compiled from:
    WWW Source – 1
    WWW Source – 2


    1. The sequence you mentioned is OK. But after you have watched all the the three than sequence will not matter, coz I am sure you will revisit them every now and then… 🙂
      BTW, i also incedentally followed the same sequence, when I say it first.

    2. This TRILOGY is a must see for creative ppl’s. I saw BLUE during my dasain holidays, and got hold to the other two by TIhar.

      It teaches you to interpret. But the sorry part for me was that, my copy of the TRILOGY contained “WHITE” without the narration (RED and BLUE contains narration in my copy). Learning to interprete in myself for the white, haha. Though the narration refers to all the movies, so you all may be in a state “WHERE to START”.
      I think BLUE-first, RED-second, and White-third, will be nice sequence when you watch. This is just my view, but its not mandatory. What you say Lenscape??

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