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Shreeya Shakya


The Way it is

It was just one of those lousy days, when you sit and watch the same stupid old movie you watched over a dozen times before and still have the patience to watch it all over again, scene by scene with an intense curiosity of what’s gonna happen next, when you already know what it is. Just those days, when after watching the movie, you switch channels on TV in an infinite loop! 1..2..3..4..55..56..1..2..3..4..55…56. I was desperately hunting for something to really amuse me. Then the button on my …

………remote controller made a screeching stop on BBC showcasing a documentary highlighting the massively increasing population imbalance in China.

Statistics has it that within a few decades, there will be around 40 million more men than women in China, creating a huge imbalance in the Chinese demographics. This unevenness stems in the Chinese government policy of bearing only a single child. And with the Chinese outlook of favoring son over daughter and with the desertion of female fetus, this government policy has gone horribly wrong for China. One of the lines from the documentary that really amused me was, ‘For Chinese men, there just aren’t enough women to go out with.. .’. I could only give out an involuntary smirk on that remark.

With the problem more prominent in rural China, there was a destitute village boy featured in the show, who spent more than he could earn on a jacket in vain hopes of impressing any girl in his friend’s marriage that took place in his village after eons. He and his family had sold out few of their remaining cattle to buy this leather jacket only all their efforts were futile. I just couldn’t stop laughing out loud on that.. Few decades ago, there you were murdering female fetuses, abandoning female infants to die on their own, inch by inch and now…… What a pity! Only wish those fetuses didn’t die!

However just as my laughter was involuntary an action, it wasn’t to last long. With the problem of fewer women over men, it has drawn major consequences of women trafficking, kidnapping, rape and other heinous acts! There was this village girl (village girls suffering more than city women due to illiteracy) who was sold for few bucks to become wife of a person who couldn’t find one on his own. She was raped, beaten and had even made two failed suicide attempts.

I thought nothing has really changed over the decades, just the numbers! A decade ago, it were females who were being murdered, abandoned, abused and a decade later, for the small number of surviving females over males, again they are the ones to be abused. Then the century old question popped up in my head, why is it always women who are at the receiving end of abuse, harassment and prejudice? I am not necessarily a feminist. I am rather a firm believer in individualism. I am like ‘this’ not because I am a girl or a guy, I am like this because I ‘am’ this. But the fact that, most of the time if not ‘always’, women are the victims (though I must admit men specially younger men/boys have had their share of abuse) vexes me to a point I want to scream and yell ‘if Men are from Mars and women from Venus, why didn’t they stay there! Why did they have to land on earth to create all the chaos!!!!’