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Lava Kafle


The Interview Process in so called reputed Soaltee hotel

This is a story of one energetic enthusiast who recently applied to Soaltee’s Casino Financial Assistant position and went for the interview.
First thing he noticed:
1. The current employees had to present suitable candidates for interview process. One interviewee was absent. Now the absentee’s Father/Mother/Guradian had to stay for the Ward’s interview. I have never known any references in this universe where any Relative/Guardian/parent stays for Ward’s Interview. If Father/Mother/Guardian …

can pass the Interview, the Ward can get the job. Imagine this. Guardians staying for their Ward’s exams. Great Soaltee Hotel, such a way to organize interview for Employee’s relatives!! If I had my experienced relative in all Companies of the world and everyone would have same logic, I would always be absent for such interviews all my life, as my relative/guardian/parent would pass the interview to make me earn a few bucks.
2. The Interviewers were 5 hours late.
3. They would rudely ask: do you have any powerful person here?
4. They would ask the Interviewee: “tell the result of: 113131*343” and/or many similar disgusting features not to be disclosed. So, I have put this in Sulsule Section which means “underground story”.
My Idea:
1. Is there everyhting fine in so called 5-Star Soaltee?
2. I need not do anything if my guardians/relatives would complete their Degrees, stay for Job interviews and have me enrolled.
3. if this Information is wrong, let Soaltee Management defend this, right here.