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The Change …

It’s not the matter of me-myself, it applies to all.
-If you change the way you think, you’ll change the way you act.
-If you change the way you act, you’ll be able to change the way others act and think.
-If you change the way others act and think, you can help change the world-one person at a time.
Above lines don’t imply that I’m following them. I just like those lines so I thought to put it there. You know, it’s easy to be a writer and give suggestions and advice. What matters the most is do we ever implement those within self? If I write some lines on religion, some lines on love and some lines on hate does not mean that I must be a religious or loving person.
We spent most of the time in criticizing other. Don’t believe me?…you can try it .. if you see a group of people, just and go n listen to them, about more than 50% of their words would contain disapproval and dissatisfaction on others. They don’t even think about themselves, they have never changed their way of thinking and they tend to change other. It’s hard to find people who talk about new ideas and innovations in a group and it would neither be; because there are already lots of theologies, quotes, lots of philosophies, religions stuck in our mind. What should be the quote for life? Which religion is the best? What is the right decision? What is right and what is wrong? Too many questions … It is obvious to get confused.
No one is right or wrong, no religion is good or best, it’s you who think it as right or wrong… Don’t go for what others say. Imagine, if we eradicate the existence of people from the world would there be any thing good or bad, anything right or wrong? Anything that is ugly or beautiful? …People make the thing look good and beautiful based on their perception and some may find it bad and ugly. Everything is based on top of our perception, our way of thinking and living life.
Keep the verdict on yourself; learn to change self and try it to others.

12 thoughts on “The Change …

  1. Change is the process of our life. We change every day, every second of our life. It’s not like we have to act like change and show others that we have changed or we are changing ourselves. It’s a natural phenomenon which happens every single moment.
    The change is so subtle that we won’t be able to see its process. :mrgreen:

  2. Ya, it’s straightforward. if you want to change things, you need to change the way you act. if you continue doing same things, you’ll keep on getting the same results.

  3. They say,”Be the change you want to see in the world”.

    It’s from you change begins. And this is something everybody knows but fails to do. And there’s no way out either.

  4. Nice One.
    Have u heard this line?”Great mind discuss ideas,average mind discuss events and small mind discuss people.”

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