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Thakur Dai leaves for Emrika

On Tuesday, January 6, 2009, Thakur Dai invited his colleagues for a cocktail dinner at the Delicatessen Center, Kantipath. He is leaving D2 Nepal Office and joining the D2 Boston Office. The lavish party that he threw was a blast:

  • The karaoke songs were comforting. It was great to listen to old Nepali and Hindi numbers.
  • The food was appetizing and the drinks were soothing. The bar was literally open.
  • The dances were ecstatic: mixture of folk, ballroom, hip hop and ‘drunk-trot’.

Thakur Dai dedicated the song “chalte, chalte, mere ye geet, yaad rakhanaa; kabhi albidaa naa kehnaa, kabhi albidaa naa kehnaa”. His song, and his contributions to D2 Nepal, will be remembered.

Thanks to Vishnu Dai for his coordination – his ‘khelaa’.

All attendees thoroughly enjoyed the evening and Thakur Dai is sure to be missed very much in Nepal. Our warm wishes are with him.

(Pictures by Dilip Dai and Subin. Sorry, no captions; the pictures speak for themselves.)

23 thoughts on “Thakur Dai leaves for Emrika

  1. tope,
    bujh na tyesko artha, kati gahiro kuro gareko chha galtihajarhunchan le?
    muji, aaba sun explanation.

    happy new year ko artha ta tan bujhalchas. baki happy janai purnima pani yedi tan bahun ho bhane , tyo pani bujhchas, i love u bhaneko ta taile kati lai bhanisakis hola…

    aaba main kuro:
    i love leadshedding.

    aaba hera, thakur dada america janchha ta tyaha loadshedding hudaina. yeta nepal ma ta hunchha ni gathe. tyehi bhayera i love loadsheddingb haneko.
    ta bewakuf pani school ja. ali ramro sanga english padhnu gadha, ullu, phataha, chor, bhate, bhatmara.

    aaba chala ko **** meaning aafai khoj sale.

    Its good to support someone and to beat someone.

  2. what is such words which have no meaning? galtihajarhunchan Says:

    January 9th, 2009 at 11:49 am
    happy new year !! happy janai purniya !! happy holi !!
    i love uuuuuu… i love loadshedding… chala ko ****
    it is a mess man, never write cryptice things in blog that only ur group understands. Blog is for whole world

  3. mora mori harule rakshi dhoknu dhokechhan – aafulai ta pattai bhayena. paisa kasle tiryo ni? thakur le ki thakur ka bhai harule?

  4. Thakur Dai,

    Timro tyo darho party ko jhajhalko jab auchha
    Bichhod ka tee kshen kalpina thalchhan
    Snake bites ko prahar samjhi Chitta bujhaula
    Samjhana le pirolda patra pathaula

    40 JANA 40 KAI PANI 20 KO DANA


  5. Many in Nepal, especially in rural areas, pronounce America as Emrika. The word was used to give the write-up a Nepali touch. It was intended to dishonor neither America nor Thakur Dai.

  6. Using word Emrika is a dishonor to United States of America USA. WhenThakur G goes it becomes Emrika, else it is USA? plz do not dishonor him.

  7. ❗ thakur-dai-leaves-for-janakpur, please do not make sucha rude joke. Pic 51,52, 53 Hitesh,Sajan,Bimal look wonderful in their Goggles.Pic 19, Prakash Dilip Happy. ❓
    Pic 9 Rashmi, Sangeeta look simply best. 😯
    Pic 26 , 27 of Upasana,Prashant show pleasure in the party. 😛
    Pic 5 BijayG inspired by the party that he never attended till now as such.
    Pic 37 hero whos that? Pic 31 Ball dance of Rashmi Surendra good.
    Pic 40, 45, ThakurG happy and showing humble pleasure with embrace. 👿
    Another Thakur Saurav Pic 18 staying calm. PramodR missing in pics…where was he? 😡
    Pic 42 Shamesh on top of his voice.
    Finally no scissors and hair cutting anywhere so the thakurdaileavesforjanakpur is wrong . 😆

  8. Guys!
    Please change this topic to
    “THAKUR DAI LEAVES FOR janakpur for new brand of scissors for nice haircutting.”

    ha ha ha.

    What a joke…

  9. Should’ve stayed back, should’ve stayed back, should’ve stayed back longer … had no idea it was going to get this good later on … missed it – but thank you Thakur Ji.

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