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Anup Sharma


Tell Her

There she stands in the middle knowing nothing
Hope somebody will tell her the meaning
It’s always been green and blue since she came
She has lost her charm, she looks so lame
She looks confused in this new look
What did happen to the root?

She was never a brat in the childhood
May be her father didn’t treat her good
Her mother passed away when she was six
Brother left the town, he was called a jinx
She too ran away to a new place
Tried to hide the past with a new face

She always wanted to be …

a heartthrob
That’s why she ended up in the night club
She wears the fake smile in her face
Everyday you find her in a new dress
Making money and hoping to start a new life
Where is she heading? Will she get a drive?

She is just 19 and seen it all
The sinner, the saint and the fall
What is the destination, she doesn’t know?
But she has the money all the glitters and the glow
Now she cries sitting in front of the mirror
Reminiscences strike her back to the days of abhor