Super Moon as seen from Kathmandu

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A supermoon is a new or full moon that happens to coincide with a close approach of the moon to the earth. Saturday’s full moon was the closest it has been to Earth in 18 years, according to

The distance between the Earth and the moon during the event was about 221,567 miles, as compared to the average distance of 238,000 miles, according to

The supermoon phenomenon was awaited with bated breath by avid moon watchers, astronomy enthusiasts and astrologers who had prophesied calamities on the occasion. The celestial event has passed without causing anything untoward, but left in its trail spectacular visuals of the ‘largest’ moon in almost 20 years.

These are some pictures of Super Moon as seen from Kathmandu.

Photos By: Sachin Karanjit, Meekha Tuladhar.

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  1. C Arm X Ray

    Great writing it is such a cool and nice idea thanks for sharing your post. I like your post very much. Thanks for your post.

  2. Sushma

    its awesome how the photographer has captured the different stages……….really liked the work…….wayy to go and best of luck.

  3. NabinK

    We were talking of the moon coming closer to earth by almost more than 7,000 KM on the day of HOLI but could not see with the open eyes. but you did not let us miss that opportunity because of your capture in STILLS.. Thanks to you guys and the perfect pictures have paid off your patience… GOOD WORK !!!

  4. jay

    i didn’t get to see all these phases of this super moon the day before yesterday.. .thank you sachin n meekha … i (many others who have missed it) feel like you have clicked these pics for me (us) …. gud job….

  5. grmoktan

    had heard abt this super moon…. these are quite awesome stills of that moment. kudos to the photographers!!

  6. jagdish vilia

    tangled in the obsession…surrounded by the illusion……not for long lasts the trouble……….at last the time comes to mingle………….above pic speaks louder than my poems…..meekha di….really apreciable photography…….keep it up………

  7. Sachin

    @bishwas: yeah u r spot on!!!…the red one was captured during early evening and yes some tweaks with exposure helped the cause too :)

  8. Sachin

    Thank you all :)
    @anjan : Actually the color of the moon was changing as the sky got darker and it was only after 8.30 or so the color somewhat remained stable… :)

  9. bohemianGrunge

    @anjan: different exposure n white balance settings i guess! also the time of shoot is a great factor…..i believe the red ones were shot during early evening…hoina sachin dai?

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