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Hiking from Sundarijal to Nagarkot via Jhule

Figure1: Fruits for Breakfast

Figure2: Paddy Field in Gagalphedi

Figure3: Kakro Time

Figure4: Discussing while taking a rest

Figure5: Vishnu taking a rest

Figure6: Green and Blue in V

Figure7: Danda Katheri

Figure8: Hikers in pace

Figure9: Trekkers restaurant in Jhule

Figure10: Bottle of water bought in Jhule

Figure11: Ashish in Lead

Figure12: Approaching Prashanta

Figure13: Rudra and Vishnu

Figure14: Colorful Pandit Taking Sunbath

Figure15: Waiting for the rest of the hikers

Figure16: Rudra Serious at something

Figure17: Office Van at Sundarijal

Figure18: Fertile land at the Sundarijal

Figure19: Towards Gagalphedi

Figure20: Pro Hiker

Figure21: Rudra Leads

Figure22: View of Shankhu from Gagalphedi

Figure23: Climbing the Trail

Figure24: Another view of Shankhu

Figure25: cont…

Figure26: Two young Pine tree

Figure27: Glitters of Diamond

Figure28: Through the Paddy Field

Figure29: Trail through the Paddy Field

Figure30: Vegetation and Cultivation

Figure31: Think of yourself

Figure32: Shankhu Valley

Figure33: The House, Millet and Harvested Corn

Figure34: Regular hikers with his pride

One thought on “Hiking from Sundarijal to Nagarkot via Jhule

  1. great but grow up,
    venture to dolpo, annapurna, khumbu….
    you’ll see like never b4 and don’t blame me if you run out of memory in your camera

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