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Posted by: Chanakya

I have seen a lot of successful people in my life. I have not been able to be one of them. There is always something those successful people do that we commoner do not do. They are different. They do things differently, but avoid doing different things. I am amazed by simplicity and openness of successful people when I meet them. They are mostly like one of us.

Here I try to list different things I see successful people doing:

  1. Think like a common person
  2. Act not like a common person
  3. Exhibit thirst and hunger for more responsibility
  4. Give respect and expect nothing in return
  5. Empower institution and do not worship a person
  6. Be realist and avoid idealists
  7. Start small and think big
  8. Learn politics and do no politics
  9. Write less and speak more
  10. Save your earning

If you do these things, I guarantee, you will reach peak one day unless you have so many other weaknesses that supersede these qualities.

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  1. sushant

    1. Think like a common person, only thinking like a common person would never make galelio or any other philosohper, we should put it as never forget to consider how common people think before any action,

    2. Act not like a common person, may be there’s truth in it if you’r talking about behavior

    3.Empower institution and do not worship a person, try reading Ayn Rand too,

    3. Be realist and avoid idealists, would make a successful businessman or manager, can’t say about poets, artists, philosophers and scientists

    Learn politics and do no politics, => no politician is ever successful

    Write less and speak more, => a taciturn writer is never successful

  2. shreeya

    i would like to ask the age old question something that yet has to seek reconciliation at least for me…HEART or HEAD… ‘do the things you want to do’ .. something like following your passion.. no matter what it is.. it could be taking career as a dancer or journalist or IT specialist or anything you are passionate about.. OR.. following what is piece of cake in the market even if you are not quite passionate about it. well. most of the ppl would argue i believe is starting to develop passion for what is piece of cake in the market.. which is very practical..

    should there be something like following your dream and taking risks and following your heart instead of head… ????? i seek answers…

    P.S. its the Paulo Coelho effect.. reading too much of him these days…

  3. Geeta

    Hey Chanakya – I do not know whether you are eastern or western Chanakya. Eastern Chanakya was awesome. He acted what he thought. You seem to suggest that one should think one thing and act different thing. I would love to see both of them in sync.

    Geeta – the Geeta Lover!

  4. chanak

    गलत। साम, दाम दण्ड, भेद यहि हो succeess story को रहश्य। आफ्नो नाम के हो त्यो बिर्सियो? चाणक को नाक काटने ह?

  5. Lava Kafle

    I loved the points of Chankya. However, no. 10, 9, 4, and 2 are debatable. Why should Successful person save for future, when he knows he does not need anything, only success and with emptiness too one can certainly achieve success. Such person can write a lot in blogs, magazines, books.. The Person should expect success and due regard to what one has achieve. One must act in a common way with uncommon rationale and hindsight to reach the peak of success.
    Success is a power assigned to some rare fellas out there by birth, nature, instincts, and trainings. Otherwise everybody would be rich powerful and successful. Some failures from one person can become cause of success in another melodrama of life. The tantrum is not decipherable.

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