Stillness of Time

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Stillness of Time

543. Stillness of Time
Photo By: Sumit Shakya
Posted Date: 28th May, 2013

Photo Description:
As the day starts, we rush through the hassle of our everyday lives; everyone setting their sights on fulfilling their goals and responsibilities. The desires of people are driving their lives and time is never enough. Its a rat race out there with everyone chasing their destiny . Yet there are some for whom time stands still. The sadhu sits crouched down in a corner watching the world pass by while he contemplates how his life is so different than that of the ones around him, ignorant of his presence. There are different ways to life; his is more passively paced than what everyone else moves on. Its a life of his own choosing, and everyone have their own definition of Happiness; I respect his version.

Camera Specifications:
Camera Details: Nikon D200
F-stop: f/22
Exposure time: 1/5 sec
ISO : 400
Focal Length: 18mm
White Balance : Day Light

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