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Spoof : Prachanda spotted


Prachanda was spotted in the Businessmen protest against against Maoist excesses and extortion.
He was wearing his usual grey shirt and he seemed very speculative and contemplative and yet firm and determined.

But I couldn’t guess the reason for his appearance. Was he there…

1. To silently watch the protest and mark the visible ones so that he could later give them revengeful thrashing?
2. Or to hear the grievances of his victims as he is nowadays very sympathetic and sorry. He is even called “ दुख कमल दाहाल”
3. Or to mark solidarity with the businessmen as he has already announced his support for mixed economy. Maybe he has also now realized that getting money from the businessmen through “घुमाउरो बाटो” (like rest of his political colleagues) lot safer ,easier and profitable than forced extortion and looting.

18 thoughts on “Spoof : Prachanda spotted

  1. I was looking at the pictures of businessmen protest in the previous post and noticed that our Milan dai was wearing a shirt the same shade of Prachanda’s (the famous bluish grey). So I just thought of adding Prachanda’s head.
    This is not any great joke and if people find it funny, that wouldn’t be because of my work but the persona of Prachanda himself.

    (I donot see any reason why some of the commenters who find this worthless should jump off four feet from their chair and scream out spoofer, spammer, junk ,etc. I see here षड्यंत्र of outwitted regressionist anti-feminists : another prachanda joke;)

    Prachanda is the most interesting figure in todays’ politics.
    Manoj Gajurel imitates his looks, Narayan Khatiwada copies his accent, Haribansa puts his moustache and just people laugh and wiggle and roll and fall frm their chairs.

    comedians always cash in on the celebrities.

  2. Maybe it’s just me, but I don’t see the point of this. You just took a picture from the previous blog, Photoshopped Milan ji’s face out with Prachanda’s. I just don’t see how it’s funny. I don’t see any satirical connection or any relevance. I don’t know— why is it funny, really??

  3. ha ha ha. This is rich – some people can’t even recognize prachanda – spoof or no spoof. Aren’t these the very people who go about with lengthy discourses on all that’s wrong in Nepal? LOL!

  4. Sorry guys,
    The page was hanged while posting. So many comments…. Hope this will not repeat…
    And this is not spoof…

  5. Hey baburam, its funny you did not recognize Prachanda, He may fire you from the party be careful. Let me help you , The man with black t shirt and black gog is Prachanda. You can see him biting his nails…. tensed….

  6. Do U know the meaning of Spoof ?

    This is just a cheap photoshop trick. You need lots of practice to make it as real

    Bullshit !

  7. comoooooon ppl.. for your information and convenience, the dictionary meaning of SPOOF is n. A composition that imitates somebody’s style in a humorous way , v. Make a parody of.
    dont just post comments for the sake of it..

  8. Gr8 Job,

    Prachanda might have been searching for the next victim in the mass, searching who can pay 2 million ransom.

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