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Dovan Rai


Spoof : Prachanda spotted


Prachanda was spotted in the Businessmen protest against against Maoist excesses and extortion.
He was wearing his usual grey shirt and he seemed very speculative and contemplative and yet firm and determined.

But I couldn’t guess the reason for his appearance. Was he there…

1. To silently watch the protest and mark the visible ones so that he could later give them revengeful thrashing?
2. Or to hear the grievances of his victims as he is nowadays very sympathetic and sorry. He is even called “ दुख कमल दाहाल”
3. Or to mark solidarity with the businessmen as he has already announced his support for mixed economy. Maybe he has also now realized that getting money from the businessmen through “घुमाउरो बाटो” (like rest of his political colleagues) lot safer ,easier and profitable than forced extortion and looting.