Some Vague Wishes

Posted by: Awsiv

Wish we could surrender
to the voices,
 mix with the echoes;

Wish we could close our eyes,
to the
        brightness of the shadows.

Wish we could kill our sorrows,
a plain, ungrateful murder!

Wish we could steal the morrow,
and make up for the blunder.

Wish we could cut
the rope,
that drags us to innocence;

Wish we could lie down
with hope, for
        riddance from these stains.

Wish we could rise
from the ashes,
and see a familiar face;      

        Wish we could walk
   and fear not the disgrace!

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  1. Ravi

    Wish we could build
    a rope,
    that drags us to hope and comfort

    Wish we could rise up
    from the dream,
    and live in veracity

    Wish we could read
    read lot more and more,
    from our gr8 Awsiv….

    and last but not the least , may all our wishes come to reality :smile:

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