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a schoolgal



 For the immense beauty of life

To you Oh! God I say

Take away from me the pain of knife

And hand me love of the day.


 I messed up all again

In this world of selfishness

With no one to hear my pain

Nobody to share the happiness.


I have now learn a lesson

Nothing is gain without pain

So, I will start a new session

Face all dirt after the rain.


If I get hurt I shall not cry

Wont show up grief in face

I will just ask a question WHY?

God you made this life a race.

10 thoughts on “Soliloquy

  1. “Nobody to share the happiness.”
    I am there to share happiness with you.
    Shower me with your troubles and tears
    gimme ur pain, grief and sorrows
    Hit me with your love of the day
    let me cry until the end for you
    all gain of me goes to you
    It is not a race
    but a sharing pace between a boy and a girl
    who go to school
    to learn the same.

  2. Good poem “a schoolgal” !! keep it up. I am eager to read you poem when you are a post graduated girl 🙂

    I think its a God gift that some people are so good at literature. I am not born with that talent but luv to read them.


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