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“Ahhh it’s snowing” I shout
School’s out without a doubt
As I scream and shout
I race to the door to get out

The smiles, the grins, the joy
As I rush out to enjoy
That one flake of snow
O how I want to go

Outside in that blanket of white
Those flakes are always so bright
Right when I wake up I jump to my window
And peak out hoping to shout hoooowow

Those snowball fights you never forget
The sledding trips you bet
Snow angels from here to there
That hot chocolate to share

How I love the snow
When the sun comes out I cry “No”
And wait till next year
To get sick all over again and never care

♥Akriti Panthi♥

Snow was last modified: August 24th, 2007 by Akriti

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  1. mak

    I am sure Mrs.or miss writer this is what you felt, when you were in nepal….someone loves snow………someone loves rain…..someone loves ………..

  2. lpk

    it is nice to see Akriti(Shape/Figure) defining something which is shapeless. Where did you do all those things or is it your imagination only? Poetry is illogical,vague, abstract and has no reality, somebody said. Snow Angel and Hot Chocolates combination is perfect illustration of imagination, WOOW!

  3. Yestai Ho

    When someone writes about snow, rain, sun, cow, dog, cat, buffalo, brother, sister, house, and etc., I feel like there are not enough subject left in the world to write. Let us cover some interesting stuffs folks…open the world and broaden the horizon

    Yestai Ho

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