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It all started with a smile, yes that little curvature of the lips made all the difference. I was watching the world cup football, Brazil Vs. Australia. Cafu was booked by the referee and then Cafu smiled, even shook hands with the referee after he got booked. The commentator said, “ Cafu is shaking hands with the referee as if he is almost thankful for being booked”. This simple gesture brought a smile on my face. And then I began to think of all the simple things in life that makes us smile, that makes us happy and that makes us wonder at times. When was the last time I smiled, I began to remember. I know most of the people tend to think about this when they are themselves. And many find it quite hard to figure out when. We are lost in this chaos and disorder, we hardly get time to unravel and actually think of things that matter to us.

A friend of mine once told me how everything is cut into pieces these days. Everything you can imagine of has been treaded upon and studied, exploited. The wholeness of being that thing vanishing, every physical things broken down into molecules, atoms, nucleus and yet smaller particles (I don’t even know their names); every emotions analyzed and explained in volumes of book. Everything is so minutely detailed that now that I can tell myself “look this is what you are feeling, and this is what you should be feeling because this is what happens when you feel that way”. And it really irks me; I cannot even purely have any emotions now without analyzing it (coz I know about it, Damm!!). And on top of that there are so many ways described that you almost confuse yourself, if that’s exactly what you are feeling or not.

Innocence is lost. Pureness is lost. Humans are turning into programmed machines now, thinking and acting in certain way. You cannot be yourself anymore. People hardly smile. Lives are so covered up in lies and everyone has this cloak of another personality on themselves to show. No one is who they seem to be. And yes, even me. I’m not who others see me as. I don’t do things just because I want to; I do them because I have to. I talk with people I distaste as if they were my best friend. I’m not in contacts with friends I love coz I can’t find enough time. I’m lost in these vast breakdowns of being human, lost in the pieces. And smile sometime helps me to add those snippets of moments together. Smile for those very diminutive yet cherished moments!!