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236. Siblings
Photo By: tempoandato
Post Date: 17th July 2008

Description: Nepal is a poor country. In most villages,parents have to work for their livelihood. If they don’t work a single day, it becomes hard to feed the family members. In such circumstances, older siblings take care of the younger ones while the mother is at work.Modern amenities such as day care centers are just a dream for them. It’s amazing how an elder sister matures so early and takes the responsibility of her younger sibling and gives her/him the love and care of parents as well. She is bound to stay at home instead of going to school and in some cases she never gets the opportunity to go to school. This is a reality!

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  1. Shutterbug

    Tempoandato has beautifully caught this fleeting moment of sisterly care. Unattained hair tells us how devoted she is in taking care of her brother who is all cozy on her back wrapped by cloth ‘Patuka’ in a traditional way. Picture is very thought provoking and has story to tell it’s viewers of time and people.

    Beautiful lighting situation makes this picture moving. It must be early dawn, when light is so warm and soft. “Golden Hour” We call it.

    This picture is scanned in very very high resolution (1120.072 dpi). This is why it takes longer time to download. Normally 72dpi picture resolution is good enough to view in monitor and for internet purpose. I guess photographer is unaware of this fact or may be the original picture is in very small size. Picture is also disproportional which dampen the feel of a PICTURE.

    And first line of picture’s description wrinkles my heart a bit. May be this reality like photographer quoted: “Nepal is a poor country” but HEARTS of Nepalese’ is not POOR. NATURE of Nepal is not POOR, CULTURE of Nepal is not POOR and I am proud to be a NEPALI.

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