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Shimla Trip

Every time I see hiking photos in Everest Uncensored, I really feel jealous of those snapshots. I try to search myself in those pictures. Where am I? Where the hike am I? Sadly, I have missed all those special moments. I really wish I could do some hiking in India as well but, unfortunately, there is not a single hill around for miles from the place where we are located.

Nevertheless, we went to Shimla where we got to stretch our legs somewhat.

Friday, 26 January, was declared a holiday …

here for the Republic Day of India. So we had three days for travel but we could not decide on how to reach Shimla. By train, by bus or by cab? Finally, after winding researches and lengthy discussions, we left our Gurgaon apartment in a cab at midnight of Thursday with a blanket to wrap ourselves with when cold.

The next morning, we reached Shimla and its beauty stunned me. It was a ‘dream come true’. With respect to the geography, Shimla is very similar to any hill station in Nepal but with respect to development, Shimla is beyond comparison. I wish Nepal could be as developed and as clean as Shimla someday.

In the afternoon, after watching the Republic Day celebrations on Mall Road, posing for pictures in traditional dresses and visiting the Christ Church, we hiked to Jakhu Hill situated at 8000ft and 2 km above Mall Road. The hike was short but felt tough. And, there were monkeys, like those of Swayambhu, throughout the route. Very ‘badmaas’ ones! One of them even climbed on top of me a couple of times, which was scary. At the Hanuman temple at the top, we posed for pictures with the monkeys and played ‘ping’. Chachahuii! Chachahuiiiiiii! I felt homesick.

In the chilly evening, we strolled through the town and did some shopping. Then, tired, we returned to our hotel and went to bed, wondering what our trips to Kufri and Chandigarh would be like the next day.

Captions: Brija


Christ Church in the Evening

Clean Weather, Clear Sky

Kashmiri Kundiyaa

Khel Parisar

Looking down from Christ Church

Made from Broken Tiles and Plates

Main Junction

Monkey on top of Simha at Jakhu Hill

Red and Green Roofs

So much like Nepal

Traditional Dance