Shells from my Wind Chime

Posted by: C-roo

Chimes from my window

The breeze makes a way through you,
Gently you swirl and dance along.
Resonating sound charm around,
Just for a moment, leaves me spellbound.
As you lull me and playful at times,
All I know is your company is mine!
I go to a distant place of my reminiscence,
Lost!  As you leave me in silence.

Shells from my Wind Chime was last modified: November 29th, 2008 by C-roo

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  1. Awsiv

    Yup, beautiful poem indeed! I like the mood you created over here.. wanted to add something of my own, but i guess i’m outta words rite now..


    keep writin n keep clickin.. :) .. all da best!

  2. nice

    Nice, short and sweet poem like the sounds of the chimes.. I like the sound of the chimes.. it’s like the memories that ring at the back of your head, makes me happy every time.

    Nice poem and picture, did you take it yourself?

    Thanks for sharing!

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