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Scientists develop fastest computer – If a company is worth a $100 million

If a company is worth a $100 million, it can put stake of its worth for 100 years and buy this fastest computer. The company needs to pay only $1 million each year.

The company can get revenues from all over the world:

1. By processing all Banking Sector claims

2. By analyzing whole Healthcare data

3. By distributing most administrative statistics

4. By processing all new animations and films

5. By processing all Academic sector data

6. …. Many More simulations, genetic models, super computing, and super processing tasks

Time is Money and saving time is what people are trying for. So, having fastest resources and fastest programs is a surer way to get faster revenues and profits. It will in turn help in development of a nation and world as a whole.

If one is a Harvard Business School HBS graduate, the idea can sell. It applies to any other graduates from MIT , or other top graduate schools.

Scientists develop fastest computer – Yahoo! News

12 thoughts on “Scientists develop fastest computer – If a company is worth a $100 million

  1. Jyotsna, if we do not raise issue anywhere we should think that we are not human beings but animals living under dictatorship for 100s and thousands of years. thanks, Please carry on.

  2. hey anti global warming because of u rich ppl of western world we have to suffer for global warming and why should not we care about global warming as we are from Himalayan country, we are the first people to be suffered here. hey lava sorry for making an issue out of your blog.

  3. AntiGlobalWarming/Jyotsna, Why you two are fighting over minor issue? Think about decreasing global warming and e-waste as requested by Jyotsna. Jyotsna, thanks for being part of this everestuncensored blogger team.

  4. Why should you poor country worry about Global warming, e-waste..We Western countries already passed through full dveelopment by causing global warming and e-waste. You worry about development first, then think about environment. MAKE your country and people richer first. I can guarantee it will take 300 yrs for you people to change and reach our level.

  5. Hey anti jyotsna thanks for ur comment..e-waste is the waste generated by broken or unwanted electrical or electronic devices which can not be recycled or reused. I wrote abt e-waste because global warming is on its peak and rich countries are pouring so much money on single computer…that’s indeed good for mankind but aint e-waste or s/w industries or global warming related to each other if not then I ve nothing to say.

  6. Lava, why you are so complicated? Can’t you just write simple thing? I use to read your comments in EU and always see that you are always off the track. May be it’s only me, not in the same lane you are on.

  7. Hi Dear Jyotsna, Any machine for nuclear bombings can surely be used for humane purpose, can’t it be? Waht is e-waste? really, it would be inside computers as Virtual waste so protecting real universe. Good, isn’t it? See E-love, E-romance, E-marriage, E-Books, E-Fights, E-Learning, E-Results, E-Earning, E-Spending, E-Loss, E-Profits, E-creation, E-Destruction… ALL E’s. But they do not cover lava version: Einstein E=Energy, they mean computerized virtual. Lava Could not explain Virtual Energy. f… him

  8. hehe Me, MySelf and I, thanks for beautiful comments. If you play your game in this machine the car would have reached destination before we start, in Dumb Layman sense and comparing with Einstein’s Time Relativity Phenomenon. I like playing dumb and deaf games even with computers so it would not run away and vanish in time because it is so fast. When Computers start operating in time faster than speed of light, Imagine the world.

  9. $100 million is not an easy money to spend but this super computer is to be used primarily on nuclear weapons work, including simulating nuclear explosions as i heard from the yahoo news…technology is on its higher pace but with the 220 million tons of e-waste generated annually in the USA only it ll just add fewer more ton of e-waste taking it to faster global warming rather than simulating nuclear explosions.

  10. Thanks for sharing this Lava. But I wonder what they gonna do with this computer. I would like to play a game, probably ‘Need for Speed’ on it. 😉

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