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Romit Shrestha’s US Visit

The trip to US was uneventful, peaceful, exciting and filled with new sights and sceneries. The only downside was that it was long, long enough to be tiring. On arriving at the Logan Airport our exit was hassle free. Next we grabbed a cab and were headed straight to the office. On the way the we were again treated with some extravagant sights of a foreign city. At the office we had a small reunion with old colleagues and finally meeting some known names with unknown faces. Again we were off to Smriti didi’s place for a quick refresh and then headed to Ashay dai’s place where we would be staying for the rest of our time in the US. Got settled and Ashay dai provided us with a quick tour of the place, a few rules and also a few general “To know” points about living in the US and the locality.

At the office:
Our regular days at the office were like any other day in the office here in Nepal. Work I did was well work, no different from what I do here. What was new, was seeing how the others worked. One clear difference that anyone who has seen working style of both sites has seen would be that, here in Nepal we are more process and task oriented while in the US it is completely client focused. I did sit in on quite a few client calls being that I work closely with Rebika didi(USDM) who is among the point persons for clients to contact. Apart from work the atmosphere is also quite different from what we have here. Not referring to the cold temperatures the US office is maintained at, but the way every one carries themselves in the office. Again this is something anyone who’s seen both sides would notice. Every one is really very professional in their conduct and seem to be incredibly focused or engrossed in their work. Still, you do get to hear the occasional gossip going on among the women(limited as their population may be) and quips from the guys especially Sanjeev dai.

Visit to New York:
Not much to say here as most of it went down the drain with the heavy rainfall throughout our stay there. Did have a good time at Times Square, which was the one place we visited before the rain spoilt it all for us. The Morning walk across the Brooklyn bride was also one for the books on the trip. The rest of the trip was just a blur as this was when the rainfall started agin and we had to rush everything trying to get quick shots at the Bull, the new twin tower and ground zero and finally a quick peek at the Statue of Liberty, from afar.

Visit to Las Vegas:
One word sums this one up too, Hot. Its hot right now here in Kathmandu, but compared to Vegas this would be winter. Did have a great time during the night though, which is what Vegas is famous for, the Night life. Well we could not afford to be too extravagant with our stay there as just even the flight and hotel had cost us a bundle. But just even the sights and people were enough of a treat for us to enjoy our stay. Well we did try a few small hands at gambling, but of-course with great caution and restraint. The visit to the Hoover Dam was the highlight though. An incredible sight to take in with some great and intriguing history.

On the last day at the office we had a small gathering where we bid farewell to everyone and took a commemorating photo with everyone at the US office. Then early next morning we were off to the airport to and begin our journey back home.

[Romit Shrestha, Data Manager at Deerwalk Services Pvt Ltd. Nepal, visited Deerwalk Inc, USA, from May 1 to June 1, 2018]