Rock Climbing for Courage & Confident

Posted by: Rina

I stand so feeble in-front of 12 meters high rocky cliff of Nagarjuna when I went to try ‘rock climbing’ for the first time. That day I even doubted my will for trying this adventurous sport. But as I did my first and second attempts, I naturally start to enjoy the thrill it sends down my spine. I drained all my stamina by the third attempt but my heart beats keeps beating for more. Rock climbing is simply awesome feeling to boast ones self confidence.

Last Month Jan 17, I went Nagarjuna again to thrill myself more along with my camera. I have captured some thrill of Rock Climbing to share here in Everest Uncensored.


Perfectly Safe: The rock has been graded according to the French Grading System according to which the cliffs here have been graded 2, 3, 3-, 3+, 4, 5 and 6 serially.


Challenge Yourself: These cliffs are not as tough as the ones we can find in the Himalayas yet are relatively challenging in their own ways.


Anyone can try: The rock climbing opportunity exists for both beginners and experienced people to test their skills, stamina and thrill.


Boost your Confidence: Rock Climbing is not only activity of climbing steep rock surface but also balancing of mental and physical strength. Rock climbing certainly provide some challenges and excitement and a change to get in shape for ‘bigger slopes’.


Get your grip: The cliff of Nagarjuna is made up of limestone rock thus provides nice grip for climbing.


Gear for Climbing: A light equipment which includes climbing rope, Quick draw, Decender, Harness, Slings, Rock Shoes and Helmet are the basic prerequisites for rock climbing.


Najarjuna Rock Climbing Center: Najarjuna lies inside the Shivapuri National Park which has been renamed as ‘Shivapuri-Nagarjun National Park’ is near Balaju on the western side of Kathmandu valley.

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  1. Metal Sheds

    According with Mr. Chris Darwin ,The Social Climbers Life is brought down to the basics: if you are warm, regular, healthy, not thirsty or hungry, then you are not on a mountain. . . . I love this mountain climbing but when i watch the little boy is taking part on it then i feel to chase the distance, its an adventure like biking.

  2. A Hiker

    How about going Rock Climbing Hike from D2H. I would like to prick this idea to all coordinator of D2h Hike Team. Let go and test our physical endurance.. I think it’s time to have some real adventure then going hike that floods all negative comments.. :lol:

  3. Paul


    It also reminds me of those good old days when i was in Himalayan Mountaineering Institute in Darjeeling for 15 days training session in mountaineering, rock climbing and its related stuff. If anyone is interested for these trainings there are several levels of training Adventure, Basic and Advanced courses. I hope these trainings are also provided in Nepal.

  4. C-roo

    hey …

    your Pics reminded me of the days when I went for rock climbing in Darjeeling……..

    Rock climbing is indeed a fun and if you need thrill and excitement it’s surely recommended.

    personally, I love climbing down, ya ya at 45 degree hee

  5. marpa

    Adventure sports,without doubt,is the best way to scare oneself out of their wits.. but then its charm is massively tempting.. rock climbing is indeed a great way to get psyched out..

  6. Paul

    Well Rina,
    Nice Job.

    Rock Climbing is a great sport to test your fitness level physically and mentally. You are not challenging the rocks, but you are challenging yourself to test your limits. It’s great that this sport has also grown to some extent in Nepal.

    Well, i am also thinking of giving it a second try.

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