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Hiking from Chaimali to LamaGaun via Pauwa

Theme: Revisiting the history
Hiking Route: Chaimali – Pauwa – LamaGaun
Hike Coordinator: Bahadur Baniya
Day: August 3, 2008, Sunday
Team: BabinsS, BahadurB, BasantaJ, BishalP, Eyasha Pandey (Purushottam Dai’s Daughter), LekhnathB, MaheshS, ManishS, PawanP, PrajwalS, PurushottamP, RaviS, SudeepS
Report By: Lekhnath Bhusal
Caption By:Ravi Sharma/Prajwal Shrestha
Creative Support: Dijup/Pallavi

We left D2 premises at 6 A.M., earlier than the usual hiking time. Our plan was to start hiking from Kulekhani. We drove to Dakshinkali and had our breakfast there. There were two routes to drive to Kulekhani. We chose the shorter one through Dakshinkali. After only five minutes of drive we were stuck in the muddy road. We asked the local people about the condition of the road ahead. They replied with the same answer- it is a bit easy, and the harder one is just the beginning. We were not satisfied with the answers; especially Ram was not sure whether he could cross that muddy road. A Sumo van driver said it was very hard even for his van to pass through the road and it would be better for us to return back. We desperately wanted to advance but our van could not move any further. Some of us got out of the van and pushed it from the back.We got out of the bus and started to walk from there itself. The place was Milan Chowk and time was 9 A.M.

We asked the local people about the way to Kulekhani and started walking along. After few minutes of walk we were not ready to continue the road, so we searched for a track for a short cut. Soon we started climbing up the hill; the local women encouraged us by saying that we could reach Kulekhani in 3 hours if we were to follow that particular track. We climbed up until we reached the top. When we reached there, we noticed that there were leeches in the jungle, canary in a coal mine. We poured salt all over our shoes. We could not find any one to ask the right way to Kulekhani-we had to decide the route on our own.We finally saw a small village down the hill and headed towards the same. We saw a small track far from us but could not figure out the right path to lead us to the track. We travelled down the way that was easier. We landed up in a very damp place where leeches started falling from almost everywhere. When we were out of that place all of us were covered with leeches. It was hard time to detach all the leeches. The villagers were also amazed seeing us there out of that damp place.

We distributed copies and pens to the children there since all the schools in Makawanpur district were closed for summer vacation. One of the villagers agreed to guide us up to Pauwa, a nearby village. We were disheartened when he told us that we were already on the wrong track to reach Kulekhani and 4 hours away from it. It was already 12:30 and it was nearly impossible to reach Kulekhani since we were not likely to get any vehicle there. It was then that we decided to return back. The villager informed us that we could return back to Pharping in about 2.5 hours. He showed us the right way to return back.

We reached Humane village in 2 hours and decided to have lunch there and informed Ram to drive back to Pharping and arrive at that village if possible. Ram drove upto Lama Village that is 45 minutes walk from Humane village.

We ordered for lunch at a local hotel and some of us decided to go up the hill. When the friends returned back, we were amazed to hear that we were at a distance which was approximately 45 minutes far from the point where we had initially started our hike. We had our lunch and returned back from to Lama Village at 4:30 P.M. and drove back.The hike was short and adventurous; we were not able to reach the planned destination due to the muddy roads of the rainy season. We finally decided that the planned trip actually deserves two days hike in this season.

Cloudy and misty day
01 Cloudy and misty day
Looks Like a School
02 Looks Like a School
Heavenly Garden at Farping
03 Heavenly Garden at Farping
Breakfast @ Dakshinkali
04 Breakfast @ Dakshinkali
A test of Manual Focus
05 A test of Manual Focus
Stairs above Dakshinkali
06 Stairs above Dakshinkali
You`re beautiful
07 You`re beautiful
Who is that
08 Who is that
Monsoon highway
09 Monsoon highway
Hoste Haisen   Vehicle stucked in the highway
10 Hoste Haisen Vehicle stucked in the highway
Everyone looks fresh
11 Everyone looks fresh
We will follow the shortcut
12 We will follow the shortcut
Lets move now
13 Lets move now
Bolo Alok Niranjan
14 Bolo Alok Niranjan
Stone God
15 Stone God
Is the tyre painted yellow
16 Is the tyre painted yellow
A House through the Pines
17 A House through the Pines
Tough Way to School
18 Tough Way to School
Climbing high_01
19 Climbing high_01
Climbing high_02
20 Climbing high_02
ravi looks tired  this time
21 ravi looks tired this time
Valley looks far far away
22 Valley looks far far away
U curve stream
23 U curve stream
Dirty kathmandu
24 Dirty kathmandu
A story under the shade
25 A story under the shade
filling up some energy
26 filling up some energy
Waiting for others
27 Waiting for others
Way insided the Forest
28 Way insided the Forest
Above the forest
29 Above the forest
We can lift it
30 We can lift it
they are planning to go the oposite way
31 they are planning to go the oposite way
Such a nice place
32 Such a nice place
As always poosers
33 As always poosers
34 Landscape_01
35 landscape_02
Babins be carefull
36 Babins be carefull
Rest for some cucumber n tea
37 Rest for some cucumber n tea
Mouth watering cucumber
38 Mouth watering cucumber
KU guys enjoyin the hike
39 KU guys enjoyin the hike
Common Banded Peacock Butterfly
40 Common Banded Peacock Butterfly
Distributing notebook n pencil_01
41 Distributing notebook n pencil_01
Juga stabbed in from the back side
42 Juga stabbed in from the back side
Hamro pani yeuta pic hai
43 Hamro pani yeuta pic hai
Ohh nooo Daddy another leech
44 Ohh nooo Daddy another leech
On the way to Lama gau
45 On the way to Lama gau
Padmashana experineced by Pawan
46 Padmashana experineced by Pawan
Makai baari
47 Makai baari
Our hike stops there
48 Our hike stops there
Eyasha on the lead
49 Eyasha on the lead
Come on guys
50 Come on guys
Fern arena
51 Fern arena
ma hu ek aam nepali
52 ma hu ek aam nepali
Good use of Natural Resources
53 Good use of Natural Resources
Look at those red carrots
54 Look at those red carrots
They still wanna walk
55 They still wanna walk
People come up the hill to worship
56 People come up the hill to worship
Revisiting the temple at top
57 Revisiting the temple at top
Inside the jungle
58 Inside the jungle
Pines standing tall
59 Pines standing tall
Misty hills
60 Misty hills
Guys happy playing Carom Board game
61 Guys happy playing Carom Board game
Sorry but u will die today
62 Sorry but u will die today
Ready for the heavy lunch
63 Ready for the heavy lunch
hey guys stop them
64 hey guys stop them
Misty Capture
65 Misty Capture
They are busy in taking photographs
66 They are busy in taking photographs
A view of Farping_01
67 A view of Farping_01
A view of Farping_02
68 A view of Farping_02
Beauty at its best
69 Beauty at its best
Are they rock climbers
70 Are they rock climbers
The way to Farping
71 The way to Farping
Pharping is popular for naspati(Pyrus pyrifolia)
72 Pharping is popular for naspati(Pyrus pyrifolia)
Captured for rememberance
73 Captured for rememberance
Gumba on the way to Farping
74 Gumba on the way to Farping

31 thoughts on “Hiking from Chaimali to LamaGaun via Pauwa

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  5. hey great hike , great pics ….love it …….. but the captions on pics 14 and 42 don’t make any sense … hehe :mrgreen:

  6. Many many thanks to Shutterbug for ur beautiful lines there
    I’ve always been a gr8 fan of ur photographs. (though most of us don’t know ur identity) 😉
    Pic 25, 30, 35 and 40 were some of my accidental photographs.

    It feels really gr8 when someone admires one’s creativity.

  7. A photograph is usually looked at – seldom looked into. And every week many awesome pictures get posted here in EU Blog in ‘Hiking Recollections’ which I think should be appreciated. With my respect for those talented photographers of D2H let me do this rating to help viewers to look into it in a way it should be. I also wish to encourage those Hiker photographers to gain more knowledge on better photography. For this posting Shutterbug rates following shots as:

    Creative Shot: ’08 who is that’
    Perfect Shot: ’25 a story under the shade’
    Lucky Shot: ’14 Bolo Alok Niranjan’
    Journalistic Shot: ’42 Juga stabbed in from the back side’
    Nature’s Best Shot: ‘ 40 Common Banded Peacock Butterfly’
    Hilarious Shot: ’30 we can lift it’
    Lazy Shot: ’04 Breakfast @ Dakshinkali’ and ’12 We will follow the shortcut’
    Prize Winning Shot: ’35 landscape_02′

    Happy Clicking!! Hikers 🙂

  8. Heavy filure in writing notes, pictures, and coordination, total mess.. Heel up guys, extremely bad performance in history series that i have been reading in everest uncensored and i am wasting my time.. The Administrator of EU must not post such horrible ugly series. No adventures, no good captures, all worst

  9. revisiting history in the sense we revisited the same place where our D2 precedes have left their foot prints before us :mrgreen:

  10. Nice pics..#69 the caption speaks it self..pawan baba ko padmasan herne mauka chahi time hai pawan baba…

  11. yeah, there’s always next time. we could choose the route pharping-kulekhani next time. so that drive will also be short and we could reach in time to the destination.I hope, Someone will coordinate this hike in future.

  12. I had high hopes of reaching Kulekhani and observe the huge engineering construction out there. If we had taken some risks we could have done it, but it was all about priorities. I felt very low when we had to make our way back without even taking a glimpse of Kulekhani. But, it was a team decision and we certainly had to see other priorities that lay before us. So, there are times when you are just near your goal, but for the sake of other reasons you just have to put it off.

    Nevertheless, hiking was just great and the decision taken was the right decision. There’s always a next time.


  13. 41 Distributing notebook n pencil_01

    Old Lady and Old Man… are they student from प्रोढ शिक्षा? 💡

  14. @ worthless pic – if u are searching for good pics then u better go to flickr or any other site where u can find real good pics. Those are the hiking pics.. and its not compulsory that all the hikers need to be good at photography .. If u can capture ramro ramro pics then why dont u show us ur photography in the next hike 😈

  15. PIC 56 People come up the hill to worship
    Revisitng the temple(Moksya devi) at Humane,dakshinkali twice in a day hike ….
    One after two hours of walk and moved to jhuga ghari … other time just 45 minutes walk… 🙂 🙂 😳

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