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  1. Awsiv Post author

    thanks to all.

    I have made some changes to maintain the syllable count.

    And Shamesh, this one is a Haiku. A style of poetry that originated from Japan. A Haiku is written in 3 lines with 5,7,5 syllable count on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd line. It is generally written in the present tense and with a word or phrase with the nature’s theme. I’m a beginner at this, just trying my hands at different styles.

    Please follow the link below for some good Haikus by a friend of mine:

  2. shamesh

    what the….. what is this… 3 liner poem ??? good.. next time make it 2 liner and finally one liner…
    Life is full of shit..
    and we the shit dwelling bugs.

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