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Reflection Amusement

An amused child by his own reflection. And “REFLECTION” to photographers is a great way to explore their creativity.

Took this shot during one of my photo assignment for UNICEF “Early Age Learning” poster campaign. And my task as a photographer was to capture shots which shows ’emotional bond’ between parents and babies.

3 thoughts on “Reflection Amusement

  1. Dear Prabashi ji!
    It’s good to have your comment. (Must be from prabash 😉 ) Thank you.

    Yes I took this picture in Monochrome Kodak Tri-X 400 roll and UNICEF strictly instructed me to use black and white film rolls for this particular photo assignment. Black and white pictures have that power to cater true feelings of subject. BW pictures can portray human emotion in great depth in comparison to today’s saturated-color manipulated-image world.

    Well now Black-and-white era is back because it’s simply Beautiful.

  2. As always!!! Awesome, well portrayed, no flash used so Natural, looks like B/W, which added an extra color.

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