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8 thoughts on “Rara – an ode to the Jubilant Year

  1. Thanks Lava ji, Vish dai, Bhaskar dai and Nishchal. It is indeed my pleasure to share the RaRa memories here with you all. Specially on the occasion of one jubilant year I had since my visit to this majestic place.
    @Feedback, I too agree on your view of the marque, but on a simple thought, the width of the page did not simply fit the image’s width and I couldn’t afford squeezing it either way; the same goes to the larger image inside. thanks for your suggestion.

  2. No doubt Rara looks beautiful and magnificent. But, I don’t like moving (animated) pictures posted to home page. I find it distracting. How you guys think ? Reminds me the popular but distracting marque tag of 2000-ish web era.

  3. Sang ji,

    It looks like Summer of Kantipur helped you to dwell in RARA? Nonetheless, I am moved with Ramri RARA and conscientious application of work!


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