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Aneesh Lohani


Prashant Tamang: the new Indian Idol

Prashant Tamang has won the Indian Idol competition. It is 1:21 am in Kathmandu at the moment and Nepali brothers and sisters are celebrating this win emphatically – I hear roars, whistles, fire crackers bursting in the neighborhood. I congratulate Prashant for having won the competition and wish him all the best in his job and singing career.

All of us should deeply think of our priorities at this time. For those who are hell bent on dividing the country on ethno-political lines, this is a reminder that Nepali unity is still unchallanged. Nepal is incomplete and unimaginable without this unity. Let us all stay united in solving all our problems, rather than playing blame game and polarizing the country on ethno-political lines.

Furthermore, let us all realize that we should not only pride ourselves that a Nepali descendent has won an Indian competition, but also utilize this unity and solidarity to do something important for our naiton. Let this be a moment where we all come together to think deeply of where we want to take Nepal at this historical juncture.

Long Live Plural Nepal!