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Last Wednesday, August 15, 2007 I got a telephone call from a neighbour of mine in Nagarkot telling me that the villagers from our Ward Number 6 were organising a tree plantation program in their community. This was an excellent idea of the Shree Kalika Community Forest User’s Group. I was keen to be there as soon as possible, so I immediately set off towards our Nagarkot home to see the activities and work of the villagers. The program started at 11:00 hrs and the good thing about this occasion was the Nepal Army Training Centre in Nagarkot was also actively participating in the plantation activities. A very commendable gesture on their part.

In my opinion, pictures say more than words on this occasion to praise the commendable work of our villagers and the Community Forest User’s Group. Therefore, I am presenting the photo features in appreciation of our villagers for doing such good work. Some of the highlights of the program are given below which are self-explanatory. Thanks to our villagers and my best wishes to Shree Kalika Community Forest User’s Group Management Committee. Previously there were so many unutilised possible possibilities and wasted energy but these are now being focused into action. With a little awareness program from the Management Committee the wasted energy was turned into Possible Possibilities. We can now see this active Community moving ahead…


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  1. nishchal

    It feels good to hear someone is planting a tree. I feel unused land should have plantation by the local people. And the concept of Samudaek Ban is really good for environment and beneficial for local people.

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