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Rajendra Keshari Pandey



Phool ko ankha ma Phoolai Sansara, Kanda ko ankha ma Kandai Sansara. Dekhinchha ni chhaya bastoo ansara, Kanda ko ankha ma Kandai Sansara. My translation of the beautiful song above is like this: In the eyes of a flower, the world is full of flowers and in the eyes of a thorn, thorns are everywhere. The shadow of an object is seen as the object is, so in the eyes of a thorn there are only thorns. This sentimental, and truthful song is my favourite among the many by Ani Choying Dolma.

The essence of the song in a single sentence should be like this: You see the world as you are.  This belief reminds me of the characters of some of the supposed political leaders of our country, who continually see conspiracy and treachery everywhere. There has been significant political change in the country which looks positive, but that has caused great upheaval among many. Some of our politicians seem to forget that this is the peoples mandate, not theirs.  As the change has occurred in the country there have also been changes in the tones of the leaders who could not digest the situation. They are altering their voices all the time and sometimes do not even know what their right hand is doing to their left hand. The daily reports of such behaviour, grunting, grumbling, blaming, and shattering each other by our supposed leaders, does not give a good impression. Some of our senior politicians never appear satisfied with anybody’s performance. They cannot tolerate any other person or party at the helm of this country except themselves. Civilised societies and politicians accept their peoples mandate and get on with running the country in the best way possible.  Not here I’m afraid.

In my personal understanding, if we gather the records, from the Shah Era there have been only five stages of changes in Nepal. 1. Shah dynasty. 2. Transformation of power from the Shah to the Rana regime for about 104 years. 3. The autocratic Panchayat polity of King Mahendra and his sons for about three decades. 4. Neo Democracy by King Birendra, for a few years. And 5. The Republic of Nepal today. Our senior leaders have seen or at least know about all the above stages but as of now they have not been satisfied with any of them. I actually believe that they are not satisfied with themselves. 

These days our media carries regular reports containing all sorts of political venom about leaders seeing conspiracy everywhere. There are a few catchwords our leaders use cunningly as their main weapons: DEMOCRACY, HUMAN RIGHTS, SECURITY and PEACE in this country, not being handled properly. These words are like their political goods for the market, which they have been successfully trading for years. As long as they are in power they leave these goods on the back shelf and when not in power they immediately put them in the front window. Then the other party becomes undemocratic and the old leaders immediately see conspiracy everywhere.  What I see is: They are the old conspiracy masters who can speak loud and clear about it. If we trace back their past it is easy to understand why they see conspiracy everywhere all the time. Kanda ko ankha ma Kandai Sansara (In the eyes of a thorn, thorns are everywhere).

In Nepal it seems that the politicians are the only people who are able to define democracy. Sometimes even surpassing Abraham Lincoln who once defined it in a beautiful way. Democracy is by the people, of the people and for the people. Our politicians seem to think that democracy has arrived here due only to their personal efforts.  They run their parties like their personal property and treat their fellow workers as their personal aides and maids. They talk a democratic rhetoric of human rights, freedom, peace and what not, but their behaviour and performance is anti democratic. A person only sees what he or she is in life. So in conclusion I repeat. You see the world as you are.  Phool ko ankha ma Phoolai Sansara, Kanda ko ankha ma Kandai Sansara. Dekhinchha ni chhaya bastoo ansara, Kanda ko ankha ma Kandai Sansara.