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Peace Assembly, Basantapur – Give Peace a Chance

Location Baneshwor-New Road-Basantapur-Hanuman Dhoka-Ason-Jamal-Durbarmarg-Hattisar
Title Peace Assembly,Basantapur – Give Peace a Chance
Date 2010-05-07
Photos/Captions Dijup Tuladhar, Ravi Sharma, Sangharsha Bhattarai, Suresh Maharjan, Suyesh Nepal

Peace is more important than all justice; and was not made for the sake of justice, but justice for the sake of peace. – Martin Luther King Jr
Basantapur_Panorama00 Basantapur_Panorama

14 thoughts on “Peace Assembly, Basantapur – Give Peace a Chance

  1. It was great effort of people and I really appreciate for more than 10 thousand participation…. Now there is confusion arised who is really Nepali Public … People striking for Maoist or those who join today’s peace rally. Before this event I was little confused, are all people supporting Maoist strike is Nepali Public? But now it’s proved they were not. They only know to threaten public and get them into darkness. Even in rally they didn’t found themselves secured of peace rally and attacked them.
    Shamed Maoist! हामी शान्ति चाहन्छौं! We want peace no a war..

  2. We are not vijalante, we were teh non politically motivated people who particiapte the rally to show the politicians our power and ask them to stop what they are doing

  3. hats off to all peace loving Nepali people! Great photos and thanks for sharing! I love #9 where Anajan stands out so clearly! Thank you Anjana for the lead here!

  4. Politics is not all about “dalmot chura” and politicians don’t play with Nepali janta’s sentiment….when time comes they know how to GRIP the situation…we love Peace, Prosperity and we love PEACEFUL NEPAL.

    !!Thanks for sharing guys….Good job…keep updating!!

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