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Paras’s Heart Attacked


These days royal circle is in deep trouble and they see no way out. They are desperate as their wings are being pulled off one-by-one.  At this time of historic dilemma, Paras and Gyanendra both are immersed in deep worries and I am sure they have surrendered to alcohol and probably drug too in Paras’s case. Alcohol and drugs are the likely solution for those who are dumb and rich and are in the verge of collapse and when their own start ignoring and leaving them alone. In the time of crisis, wise people do a lot of exercise, eat healthy food and calculate best possible next move instead of giving up and using drug and alcohol as their last resort. At this moment, unless something extreme and unpredictable event occurs, I do not see Monarchy coming to life again. Girija waited too long before calling it off his support to constitutional monarchy. It could be an election tactics. Be careful, these UML and Congress politicians are heavily influenced by Indian interests. All Nepali should know this and should be ready for another mass movement as we know even the Maoists seem to be Indian dogs.  

Enough said, when one does bad things, one get attacked by diseases if not by people. Who knows if Prachanda did not have one of these attacks before he decided to submit to political uprising last year? All human beings should remember nothing is long-term. Our life is a very small time-slice when we compare this with the life of the universe. Zillions life circle has passed and zillions to come. Why do we worry about little things today and get greedy. One day a Nepali President could be ruling the whole world as whole world become a single country.  

Let us not celebrate on Paras’s sickness and heart attack. All of us will die. Only difference is that he chose to die several times. He is burning inside and dieing everyday. What a life! God bless him.