Palanchowk Bhagawati Hiking

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About 55 km north-east of the Kathmandu city in Sathighar Bhagwati VDC there lies Palanchowk Bhagawati. It is located at an altitude of 1,007m above sea level; north from the hills of Panchkhal. The religious temple over there is one of the most beautiful and most important Goddess images of Nepal.

The north skyline stretches out with snow capped ranges, the enchanting scenes of sunrise and sunset, and beautiful alpine views; a perfect environment for a hike. On a clear sunny day an exceptional view of crystal clear Himalayan range, beautiful landscape of Panchkhal and scenic hilly region of eastern part of Nepal makes the moment priceless.

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Palanchowk Bhagawati Facts:

Coordinates27° 37′ 43″ N, 85° 40′ 26″ E
Population (2011)277,471

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Palanchowk Bhagawati Hiking

Hike TitleDestination Date
Hiking from Panchkhal to Palanchowk Bhagawati Temple07/07/2012
Hiking from Panchkhal to Palanchowk Bhagawati Temple21/08/2011
Hiking from Tamaghat to Palanchowk Bhagawati Temple via Lamidada01/08/2010
Hiking from Palanchowk Bhagawati to Dolalghat18/07/2010
Hiking from Lamidanda to Palanchowk Bhagawati Temple19/09/2009
Hiking from Lamidada to Palanchowk Bhagawati Temple05/10/2008
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