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Aarju Pandey


OPPRESSION : A Poem for Two Voices

Living in the U.S.
Is really greatMost people are respectful

I’m a Caucasian man

I speak English as my first language
And I’m a CEO

I earn millions

I’m proud of this country

Living in the U.S.
Is so unfairMost people are rude

I’m a woman of color

I have a heavy accent
I can’t find a decent job

My children are starving

Why did I come here?

I hear there are issues of racism here
No there aren’t
I have hired plenty people of colorAmerica has a great democracy too
Women are considered equals

Life in America
Is full of opportunities

Whenever I go
To job interviews
People smirk
At my accentWomen aren’t as good
They say

Life in America
Is full of poison

3 thoughts on “OPPRESSION : A Poem for Two Voices

  1. Ok. Can you show things better in other parts of the world? U.S is still the best when it comes to preserving minority rights and giving opportunities to those who deserve no matter what color or ethnic group they belong to.

    But I appreciate your candidness. You use simple but very powerful words – unlike many Nepali writers who look for difficult words to illustrate their wisdom.

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