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Aarju Pandey


OPPRESSION : A Poem for Two Voices

Living in the U.S.
Is really greatMost people are respectful

I’m a Caucasian man

I speak English as my first language
And I’m a CEO

I earn millions

I’m proud of this country

Living in the U.S.
Is so unfairMost people are rude

I’m a woman of color

I have a heavy accent
I can’t find a decent job

My children are starving

Why did I come here?

I hear there are issues of racism here
No there aren’t
I have hired plenty people of colorAmerica has a great democracy too
Women are considered equals

Life in America
Is full of opportunities

Whenever I go
To job interviews
People smirk
At my accentWomen aren’t as good
They say

Life in America
Is full of poison